Quality Assurance

Industry Associations

Staying active in trade associations and professional organizations is an integral aspect of the quality assurance we provide our customers. Our participation guarantees that we remain innovative, knowledgeable, and always up to date on industry standards and developments.


Gas Compressor Association (GCA)
Gas Processors Suppliers Association (GSPA)
Gas Machinery Research Council (EGCR)
Southern Gas Association (SGA)
Colorado Oil and Gas Association (COGA)
Independent Oil and Gas Association of New York (IOGANY)
Independent Oil and Gas Association of West Virginia (IOGAWV)
International Oilmen's Golf Association (TxIOGA)
Pennsylvania Independent Oil and Gas Association (PIOGA)
Ohio Oil and Gas Association (OOGA)
Louisiana Oil & Gas Association (LOGA)


We have invested in cutting-edge training and equipment which is ASME code compliant, to be able to offer assembly services, skid and vessel fabrication, and revamp/engine overhaul services-all in one location. Our OEM-qualified service technicians and experienced application engineers together provide safe, efficient, compliant, and reliable operations.


ASME "U" Stamp Certified - American Society of Mechanical Engineers
The internationally recognized authority for the manufacturing and construction of pressure vessels. We are ASME boiler and pressure vessel code certified.


NB "R" Stamp Certified - National Board of Boiler & Pressure Vessel Inspectors
The internationally recognized authority for metallic repairs and/or alterations of boilers, pressure vessels, and other pressure-retaining items. SEC Energy is authorized to apply the "NB" mark with the ASME "U" Stamp.


OEM Qualified - Original Equipment Manufacturer
Our service technicians are trained to work with a wide variety of products, in conjunction with the partnerships we have with many of the leading manufacturers:

» Caterpillar

» Cummins

» Altronic, Inc.

» Air-X-Changer

» F. W. Murphy

» GE Power (Gemini)

» Arrow Engine

» ARIEL Corporation

» Waukesha Engine

» Cooper Cameron

» Vilter

» Motor Tech

» Copland Scroll

» Baldor

» ComAp

» Gillette Generators

» Asco Transfer Switches (ATS)


Health & Safety

Safety within every aspect of the job is of utmost importance to our team at SEC Energy. All employees are held accountable to uphold our regulations and values, whether in the shop, on site, or in the office.


To ensure safety, quality, and regulatory compliance, SEC Energy with ISNetworld is standardizing our hiring, contractor management, and training prerequisites. We take pride in our family of employees, making sure all individual needs are cared for in order to guarantee our clients the best end results.


Check out our Safety Handbook to learn more about SEC health and safety compliance.